TzClock News:

1/Jan/2018: Has it really been over ten years! The clock has been brought into line with the current GTK versions to work with the latest distributions. The current version is 3.1.7.

1/Feb/2008: TzClock is now part of the Fedora distribution and can be installed with "dnf install tzclock".

6/Aug/2007: TzClock is an XWindows GTK+ graphical Clock that can display the time around the world. It supports multiple faces showing different time zones. There is a stopwatch function that is accurate to a tenth of a second, plus there are many other nice features for you to discover. (Screenshot)

Please read: The GNU General Public License (GPL)

Download: To get your copy of TzClock go to the download page.

Gauge News:

1/Jan/2018: Like the clock this version has been compiled and tested on the latest distributions. Some changes have been made so that the clock and the gauge share a lot of common code. The current version is 2.1.7.

2/Jun/2015: Only a few changes have been made since the last release. If you have any ideas for new gauges then please e-mail me. The current version is 2.0.6.

17/Nov/2011: The Gauge continues to improve since the last version. There are some new gauges and improvements to the existing ones. Like the clock it has been ported to GTK3 for newer distributions. The current version is 2.0.1 and for older desktops 1.1.1.

9/Feb/2011: The Gauge has improved a lot since the last version. Currently you can monitor: Battery, CPU, Memory, Network, Sensors (Fan/Temp) and Weather. Although not all these option are available on older distributions. The current version is: 1.0.1.

1/June/2010: The Gauge works along side TzClock and looks much the same. It provides a simple gauge for things like CPU use, sensors and weather information. This is an early prototype so it does have some rough edges.

Download: To get your copy of Gauge go to the download page.

CopyClip News:

17/Nov/2011: For GTK3 desktops there is now a standalone version due the loss of panel applications. The new and old versions are still compatible.

23/Mar/2009: The second version has some improvements, including keeping the destination menu on the screen even when the icon is near the edge. Packages are available for most up to date distributions.

12/Sep/2008: This is a Gnome applet that allows you to copy the contents of the clipboard between machines. At the moment only text can be transfered. There are a number of controls to keep the link secure.

Download: To get your copy of CopyClip go to the download page.

DirUtils News:

1/Jan/2018: There have been a number of changes since the last release. The main directory program has become "ldir" to avoid confilicts with other applications.

17/Nov/2009: The DirUtils are a set of utilities based around a common directory listing library. The utilities include ndir which (in my opinion) is an easier to use yet configurable replacement to ls.

Download: To get your copy of DirUtils go to the download page.

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