TzClock News:

17/Dec/2022: Has it really been fifteen years! TzClock has been compiled for the latest versions of popular distributions. The current version is 4.4.

1/Jun/2019: There have not been many changes in the last year. What changes there have been are mainly cleaning up the compile under the later versions of gcc and simplifing the version number. The current version is: 4.2

With this version TzClock uses a separate libdial library that it shares with Gauge. This will need to be install before TzClock.

6/Aug/2007: TzClock is an XWindows GTK+ graphical Clock that can display the time around the world. It supports multiple faces showing different time zones. There is a stopwatch function that is accurate to a tenth of a second, plus there are many other nice features for you to discover. (Screenshot)

Please read: The GNU General Public License (GPL)

Download: To get your copy of TzClock go to the download page.

Gauge News:

17/Dec/2022: The Gauge continues to get support, mainly keeping the weather and tide interfaces working as the sources change their API's. The current version is: 3.7.

1/Jan/2018: Like the clock this version has been compiled and tested on the latest distributions. Some changes have been made so that the clock and the gauge share a lot of common code. The current version is 2.1.7.

1/June/2010: The Gauge works along side TzClock and looks much the same. It provides a simple gauge for things like CPU use, sensors and weather information. This is an early prototype so it does have some rough edges.

Download: To get your copy of Gauge go to the download page.

TrainCtrl News:

17/Dec/2022: TrainCtrl was created when I renewed my childhood hobby and built a OO train track around my office. It is a client/server controller designed to work with the DCC-EX project.

Download: To get your copy of TrainCtrl go to the download page.

DirUtils News:

17/Dec/2022: The dir command line utilities are a set of tools that I have developed over the last 35 years when ever I have not been able to find what I wanted or felt the existing tools were too confusing. It all started with a unix version of dir now called ldir.

17/Nov/2009: The DirUtils are a set of utilities based around a common directory listing library. The utilities include ldir which (in my opinion) is an easier to use yet configurable replacement to ls.

Download: To get your copy of DirUtils go to the download page.

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